Bike Tours in Brooklyn

Explore Brooklyn by bike with an English-speaking tour guide who is a Brooklyn insider. You’ll be surprised how vibrant and diverse Brooklyn is! Brooklyn is by far the hottest neighborhood in New York City and we’ll make sure you get to see the best parts and hidden gems.

Brooklyn Bike Tour - 4 hours
Our 4 hour bike tour will take you to Williamsburg, ‘the hippest place on earth’, but also home to the largest Jewish orthodox community outside of Israel. You’ll bike in the streets of beautiful Brooklyn Heights to get a glimpse how the really fortunate live and further to DUMBO to experience the neighborhood that is built under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. We’re not stopping there, we’ll show you Red Hook, one of Brooklyn’s still existing harbors and let you catch your breath in Brooklyn Bridge park, admiring the view on Manhattan. Do you know where to get the best view on Manhattan? We do, and we’ll take you there.


The Brooklyn Bike Tour is from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.
Costs: $ 89 per person
Included are your bike, your tour guide, the East River Ferry
Lunch is not included
Starting point: 473 President Street, Brooklyn, NY

The Brooklyn Bike Tour is also available in a shorter 3 hour version for $ 69 per person.

We are always open to change your bike tour on request to suit your special interests when all other participants agree. 


 Customized tours & prepackaged tours

We’re also here for you if you want to explore other parts of Brooklyn and NYC by bike. Some examples of things to do:

Bike the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and/or Williamsburg Bridge
Soho, Lower East Side & Chinatown in Manhattan
Governors Island, an oasis with incredible views on lower Manhattan
Upcoming neighborhoods Long Island City & Astoria in Queens
A bike tour to the world famous Coney Island theme park, beaches
and the stunning, though lesser known Rockaway beaches in Queens
Greenpoint, a.k.a. as Little Poland in Brooklyn


Prospect Park in Brooklyn, designed by the architects of Central Park
Bay Ridge and the Verrazano bridge, where Saturday Night Fever
was filmed
Fast gentrifying Brooklyn neighbourhoods like Bushwick and Bed-Stuy.

You can book also all-day tours with us!



Our sister company, Rolling Orange Bike Tours, rides beyond Brooklyn to Manhattan and other Burroughs with both English and Dutch tour guides.