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Bikelyn Tours
Our mission is to give you an exceptionally delightful day, by letting you discover parts of New York most tourists and NY residents never see. Bikelyn is owned and operated by Shelly Mossey, a born & raised New Yorker, Brooklyn resident, and licensed NYC sightseeing guide. Shelly has cycled all his life through the streets of New York, for fun, as a bike messenger and as a bike shop owner.

For whom?
Bikelyn Tours are great for everyone who can comfortably ride a bike for at least 5 miles. Young teenagers are welcome, as long as they are really stable and comfortable riding a bike (Brooklyn is not as flat as Amsterdam or Hamburg).  Tourists are as welcome as are New Yorkers.

Our bikes

Bikelyn Tours is proud and happy to have Rolling Orange Bikes as our partner. Rolling Orange Bikes provides and maintains the bikes,  which are of the sturdy type (3-speed) by globally leading Dutch quality brands Batavus and VanMoof. Our orange Batavus bikes were part of the historic NY400 Queens Day Bike Tour in 2009 organized together with The Netherland Club. Exactly 400 years after Henry Hudson set sail from Amsterdam, the bright orange NY400 bikes arrived across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City too. The Dutch King Alexander and Queen Maximà also took the bikes for a spin (left).

Why Tour Brooklyn? Take it from Johnny T!

We found this hilarious video that explains how to tour NYC. Just goes to show, if you want to be a cool tourist, come see Brooklyn. (And it's even better by bike.)

Safety and insurance
Safety is of utmost importance to us. We only use roads where biking is allowed and safe. Most of our routes are on official bike lanes. We recommend to wear helmets ($5 a day at the pick up location). For teenagers below the age of 14 wearing helmets is mandatory (it's the law). Biking in Brooklyn generally is a safe experience. Our routes, equipment and guidance further lessen the risks. However, Bikelyn Tours cannot be held liable for any damage that arises by behavior of our clients or of other road users. Make sure your own health / liability / travel insurance provide coverage while participating in an organized bike tour.

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